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Voltage Regulator Module LM2596 (Display Unit)

  • Efficient Regulation: Uses LM2596 IC for stable voltage output.
  • Wide Input Range: Supports 4.5V to 40V DC input voltage.
  • Adjustable Output: Output voltage adjustable from 1.25V to 37V DC.
  • Digital Display: Integrated display for real-time voltage monitoring.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for DIY electronics, robotics, and automotive projects.



The LM2596 Voltage Regulator Module with Display Unit is a versatile DC-DC buck converter module that provides efficient and adjustable power regulation. It is based on the LM2596 integrated circuit and is equipped with a digital display for real-time voltage monitoring. This module is widely used in applications where stable voltage supply is essential, such as DIY electronics, robotics, automotive projects, and portable devices.

Key Features

  • LM2596 IC: Utilizes the LM2596 switching regulator for efficient voltage conversion.
  • Input Voltage: Supports input voltages from 4.5V to 40V DC.
  • Output Voltage: Adjustable output voltage range from 1.25V to 37V DC.
  • Current Capacity: Capable of supplying currents up to 3A (with proper heat sinking).
  • Digital Display: Integrated display unit for real-time voltage monitoring.
  • Adjustable Potentiometer: Allows precise adjustment of output voltage.
  • Protection Features: Includes input reverse polarity protection and over-current protection.
  • Efficiency: High efficiency up to 92%, reducing heat and energy consumption.
  • Compact Design: Small form factor for easy integration into projects.


  • Power Supply: Provides stable voltage output for various electronic devices and circuits.
  • Battery Chargers: Used in battery charging circuits to regulate charging voltage.
  • LED Drivers: Powers LED strips and lighting systems with consistent voltage.
  • Arduino Projects: Provides regulated voltage to Arduino boards and modules.
  • Portable Devices: Ideal for powering and charging portable electronic devices.
  • Automotive Electronics: Used in car electronics for voltage regulation.

Technical Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 4.5V to 40V DC
  • Output Voltage: 1.25V to 37V DC (adjustable)
  • Output Current: Up to 3A (with proper heat sinking)
  • Switching Frequency: 150 kHz
  • Display: Digital display unit for voltage monitoring
  • Efficiency: Up to 92%
  • Protection: Input reverse polarity protection, over-current protection
  • Dimensions: Compact module size for easy integration


  • Voltage Regulation: Ensures stable and adjustable voltage output.
  • Energy Efficiency: High efficiency reduces power consumption and heat generation.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications due to adjustable voltage settings.
  • Ease of Use: Digital display provides convenient real-time voltage monitoring.
  • Reliability: Built-in protection features enhance safety and reliability.

How to Use

  1. Connect Power: Connect the input power supply within the voltage range.
  2. Adjust Voltage: Use the potentiometer to set the desired output voltage.
  3. Monitor Voltage: Check the digital display for real-time voltage monitoring.
  4. Connect Load: Connect your load to the output terminals.
  5. Operate: The module regulates and supplies stable voltage to your circuit.

Why Choose Voltage Regulator Module LM2596 (Display Unit)?

The LM2596 Voltage Regulator Module with Display Unit offers efficient and adjustable voltage regulation with the added benefit of real-time voltage monitoring. Whether you’re powering sensitive electronics or need a reliable voltage source for your projects, this module provides the flexibility and performance you need.

Ensure stable voltage supply with the LM2596 Voltage Regulator Module (Display Unit). Perfect for DIY electronics, robotics, and portable devices.

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