Capacitors (Polar)

  • Essential Components: Polar capacitors crucial for storing and releasing electrical energy in circuits.
  • Various Types Available: Choose from electrolytic and tantalum capacitors to suit diverse applications.
  • Polarity Consideration: Ensure correct polarity connection to prevent damage in your circuits.
  • High Capacitance: Wide range of capacitance values available for different circuit requirements.
  • Compact Design: Space-saving form factors ideal for various electronic designs.
  • Reliable Performance: Designed for longevity and consistent performance in diverse operating conditions.



Polar capacitors are a fundamental component in electronic circuits, essential for storing and releasing electrical energy. Designed to handle direct current (DC), these capacitors have a polarity, meaning they must be connected correctly in a circuit to prevent damage. At College Road Electronics, we offer a wide range of polar capacitors suitable for various applications, from power supply filtering to signal coupling and timing circuits.

Types of Polar Capacitors Available

  1. Electrolytic Capacitors:
    • Description: Electrolytic capacitors are the most common type of polar capacitors, featuring a liquid electrolyte and aluminum or tantalum electrodes.
    • Features: High capacitance values, compact size, and suitable for high-voltage applications.
    • Applications: Widely used in power supply circuits, audio amplifiers, and decoupling applications.
  2. Tantalum Capacitors:
    • Description: Tantalum capacitors are a type of electrolytic capacitor with a tantalum pentoxide dielectric and a metal tantalum electrode.
    • Features: High capacitance density, low leakage current, and excellent stability over temperature.
    • Applications: Ideal for use in mobile devices, medical electronics, and aerospace applications.

Key Features

  • Polarity Marking: Clearly marked polarity indicators to ensure proper orientation during installation.
  • High Capacitance: Available in a wide range of capacitance values to suit different circuit requirements.
  • Low ESR: Low equivalent series resistance (ESR) for efficient energy storage and delivery.
  • Long Lifespan: Designed for reliable performance and extended lifespan in various operating conditions.
  • Compact Design: Space-saving form factors for compatibility with compact electronic designs.
  • RoHS Compliance: Environmentally friendly construction adhering to RoHS standards.

How to Select the Right Polar Capacitor

  1. Determine Capacitance Requirements:
    • Identify the capacitance value required for your circuit, considering the application and voltage rating.
  2. Choose Capacitor Type:
    • Select between electrolytic or tantalum capacitors based on your specific application needs and budget constraints.
  3. Check Voltage Rating:
    • Ensure the capacitor’s voltage rating is suitable for the maximum voltage expected in your circuit.
  4. Consider Temperature and Size:
    • Factor in the operating temperature range and physical size constraints of your design when selecting a capacitor.


  • Power Supply Filtering: Smooth out voltage ripples and fluctuations in power supply circuits.
  • Signal Coupling: Block DC components while allowing AC signals to pass through in audio and amplifier circuits.
  • Timing Circuits: Control timing intervals and pulse durations in oscillator and timer circuits.
  • Decoupling: Provide local energy storage to prevent noise and interference in sensitive electronic circuits.

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Capacitance Value

0.22 μF, 0.33 μF, 0.47 μF, 1 μF, 10 μF, 100 μF, 1000 μF, 150 μF, 180 μF, 2.2 μF, 22 μF, 220 μF, 270 μF, 3.3 μF, 33 μF, 330 μF, 4.7 μF, 47 μF, 470 μF, 56 μF, 680 μF, 82 μF

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