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  • High-Quality Material: Durable phenolic resin or epoxy glass.
  • Copper Traces: Efficient electrical conductivity with parallel strips.
  • Standard Grid Layout: 0.1-inch (2.54mm) grid with pre-drilled holes.
  • Compact Size: Ideal for small projects and tight spaces.
  • Easy Customization: Can be cut to desired size for specific needs.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for prototyping, education, DIY, and small-scale production.
  • Cost-Effective: Affordable solution for initial design and testing.


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The Veroboard Small is an essential tool for electronics enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals who need a reliable platform for designing and testing electronic circuits. This prototyping board, also known as stripboard, offers a simple yet effective solution for constructing and debugging circuits without the need for custom PCBs. Its compact size makes it ideal for small projects and tight spaces, providing the flexibility and convenience you need for various applications.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Material: Made from durable phenolic resin or epoxy glass, the Veroboard Small ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear during soldering and desoldering processes.
  2. Copper Traces: Equipped with copper strips on one side, providing efficient electrical conductivity and easy soldering. The copper traces run parallel, allowing for straightforward connections between components.
  3. Standard Grid Layout: Features a standard 0.1-inch (2.54mm) grid layout with pre-drilled holes, accommodating a wide range of through-hole components and integrated circuits (ICs).
  4. Compact Size: The small size of the Veroboard makes it perfect for compact projects, prototyping, and space-constrained applications. It is ideal for building small circuits or modules that can be integrated into larger systems.
  5. Easy Customization: The Veroboard can be easily cut to any desired size using a standard cutter or utility knife, allowing you to customize the board to fit specific project requirements.
  6. Versatile Applications: Suitable for various electronic projects, including prototyping, testing, and small-scale production. It is widely used in educational settings, DIY electronics, and professional design.
  7. Cost-Effective: Provides a budget-friendly solution for prototyping and small-batch production, eliminating the need for expensive custom PCBs during the initial design phase.


  • Material: Phenolic resin or epoxy glass
  • Dimensions: Typically around 70mm x 90mm (sizes may vary)
  • Hole Pitch: 0.1 inch (2.54mm)
  • Copper Traces: Parallel strips on one side
  • Thickness: Approximately 1.6mm


  • Prototyping: Ideal for creating and testing circuit designs before finalizing them on a custom PCB.
  • Educational Use: Excellent for teaching electronics and circuit design in classrooms and laboratories.
  • DIY Projects: Perfect for hobbyists building custom electronics, gadgets, and small devices.
  • Small-Scale Production: Suitable for producing small batches of electronic modules or products.
  • Repairs and Modifications: Handy for repairing or modifying existing circuits and devices.

Why Choose the Veroboard Small?

The Veroboard Small offers an efficient and cost-effective way to bring your electronic designs to life. Its durable construction, easy customization, and versatile applications make it an indispensable tool for anyone involved in electronics. Whether you’re a student, hobbyist, or professional engineer, the Veroboard Small provides the perfect platform for experimenting, prototyping, and perfecting your circuit designs.

Enhance your electronics projects with the Veroboard Small and experience the convenience and reliability of this essential prototyping tool.

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